When you are new to the poker and casino industry there are some common questions that come up. We are going to attempt to answer as many of the Frequently Asked Questions that you may have about becoming a poker dealer and the time that is involved in getting into this money-making career. This industry is full of opportunity for anyone that likes being in a service business and is good with face to face interaction.

Dealer School FAQs

No, it is preferred, but not required. Poker?? can be learned very quickly the object of the game is fairly simple that needs to be learned.

The course is 100 hours can be as short as two weeks or as long as six weeks. Students are responsible for homework and practice on their own other than classroom time.

Average Houston Poker Dealer makes 30 to 50 K per year including tips. Hourly can be from three dollars to $15 an hour. Tips is all depending on service and skills. Ambitious eager skilled Poker Dealer’s can make 100 K a year at the right room.

Classes are $1500. The introductory class on May 3 will be $1250 for pre-registered students.

4-16 ppl

Gaming industry globally, Houston, Texas, Las Vegas poker rooms and casinos across the country. Casino Parties, or your own private game.

Since 2015, legal poker rooms have been opening all over Texas. There are now over 50 local legal poker rooms in Texas. The first in Houston area was mint poker room in Webster. The second, Post Oak poker club in the Galleria area. Since then Poker?? rooms and or social clubs such as prime social, 52 Social, Texas card House are now open in the Houston area. And more are being in the planning stages.